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From One

Dimensions: 6 X 16.5 inches

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This piece is made in 2006 of earthenware clay and was fired twice up to cone 06. This piece has been sold at Mango Tango gallery in St Thomas, USVI.

This sculpture was thrown on the potter's wheel in two different pieces and then joined, also using a coil method of raising the walls. Then I cut the profiles out and joined it to the other side for balance and support.
Cut out

The idea for this piece has been floating around in my head and in my sketch book for quite some time. My idea was to show a relationship between two people that have actually come from one source. I also allude to what happens when two are joined: from one becoming one.
Picture in the paper!

The recognition for winning The People's Choice award at Mango Tango Gallery on St Thomas appeared in the St John SunTimes a week after.